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This painting is 56"x125”, mixed media on canvas and the basis is about the Immigrant women empowerment in America.
The main message that I am trying to give is simple but artistically complex, with a strong - intrigued composition style.
“All these people from different parts of the world is what makes and gives meaning to America as a nation. 
The image reflects 3 women, from Central-South America, Africa and the Middle East.
There is a slight separation within the painting but a connection at the same time, where each side consists of messages about each women’s background, culture, phrases, images, histories, love, abuse. 
From my point of view, women represent life, power and beauty in our world, specially in our country.
My goal is to show this painting in a place where it can give not just an impact to the viewers, but a message of who we really are as humans, our appreciation of each other as one and not a separation by colors of beliefs. 


The painting

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